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  • Emergency Escape Breathing Device

    Emergency Escape Breathing Device: EEBD. Approved according to SOLAS-EC. Delivered in orange stowage container. The M-20.2 has an operating time of 15-32 minutes depending on the user’s level of activity and is specifically designed for maritime use. It is maintenance free for 15 years, and do not require any periodic hydrostatic testing. Moreover it simply require visual inspection every second year conducted onboard by ship’s personnel.

  • Liferaft Throw Overboard

    Liferaft Throw Overboard: Type DK+. Approved according to SOLAS LSA-code, EC directive 96/98/EC and USCG. Throw overboard liferaft. The throw overboard liferaft is released from its cradle and thrown overboard, or slides automatically when released. Once waterborne, the liferaft inflates on a hard pull of the painter line and is then ready for boarding. Delivered in a square or round fibre-glass container. Available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 or 35 Persons.

  • Lifejacket Light

    Lifejacket Light: Water activated. Approved according to EC and USCG. All Daniamant Lifejacket lights are designed to deliver, as a minimum standard, the 0.75cd output specification and 8 hour duration required by IMO SOLAS regulations.

  • Souwester Lifejacket

    Souwester Lifejacket: The ZERO SOUWESTER is a multi-purpose jacket used for boating yet also a very popular paddling jacket. It is short and has large openings for arms – so perfect for paddling. It is a fully approved jacket with its own NRCS number. Bright Orange for good visibility. Whistle included. Two convenient pockets. 50 – 65N. Various Sizes.


  • Viking Lifejacket for Offshore

    Viking Lifejacket for Offshore: Designed for tough marine and offshore work applications, combining superior in-water performance, durability and a comfortable, ergonomic design. A low-profile compact cover – in a choice of Cordura® or wipe clean fabrics for a durable, yet comfortable, exterior of the jacket. The uniquely designed buoyancy chamber with integrated cleat-attachment system ensures best in-water performance and efficient recovery. Convenient re-packing solutions are available. Available at 180 N, 275 N Symmetric and 275 asymmetric.

  • Viking Inflatable SOLAS Lifejacket

    Viking Inflatable SOLAS Lifejacket: Buoyancy: 180 Newton, symmetrical. Approved according to SOLAS MSC 48(66) incl. 2010 amendments and EU-directive 96/98/EC. According to regulations, all lifejackets comes with a light, whistle, reflective tape, lifting strap, buddy line and two automatic inflation systems with mounted a crotch strap.

  • Hydrostatic Release Unit for EPIRB

    Hydrostatic Release Unit for EPIRB: Hammar H20. Approved according to MCA. Hammar H20 Hydrostatic Release Units HE-0100/HE-0102 for EPIRB.

  • Hydrostatic Release Unit for Liferafts

    Hydrostatic Release Unit for Liferafts: with Shackle. Hammar H20. Approved according to USCG and EC. The Hammar H20 is a hydrostatic release unit for all types of liferafts. It is made of glass fibre and reinforced nylon that enables liferafts to surface and inflate when a ship is sinking.

  • Lifebuoy

    Lifebuoy: Approved according to MED. Complies with latest requirement of SOLAS’74/96 and LSA Code. Available in 2.5kg or 4.3kg.

  • Lifebuoy Light

    Lifebuoy Light: Approved according to EC. Lifebuoy marker conforming to SOLAS 74/88. The lifebuoy light is a dry cell powered light equipped with a tilt switch for automatic function. It burns for two hours with a light intensity of at least 2 candela and is safe on oil- or petrol covered waters.

  • Floating Line for Lifebuoy

    Floating Line for Lifebuoy: High tenacity Polypropylene multi-filament, 2% UV. Diameter: 8 mm. Lengths: 30, 45 or 60 mt.

  • Line-Throwing Device

    Line-Throwing Device: Approved according to EC. Establishing of line connection in sea distress situations. Available with one Rocket or without.