METAL-SAFE® ALFAB Aluminised FR Thermal Lined Hood


• CHARNAUD® METAL-SAFE® Head protection.
• Hood with lift-front gold reflective visor attached onto an internal hard hat, FR Thermal liner and rear ventilation incorporating 4 fans with 3 fan speed levels. The outer shell covers the head and drapes over the shoulders onto the chest and back, to protect the parts of the body not normally covered by the jacket.

Colour: Silver.

Size: One size fits all.

Materials: Aramid carbon blend with 5-layer aluminized lamination on the one side, and a high heat blocking proprietary thermal liner.

Hazard Assessments: Extreme radiant heat and heavy molten metal splash.


• Engineered textile, high seam strength, durable and flexible with no delamination.
• Can’t burn or melt.
• Reflects up to 95% of radiant heat.
• Exceptionally high abrasion resistance, remains reflective with care and cleaning.

Product Standards:

• EN 531
• MIL-C-24929A.



Work wear for radiant heat protection in furnaces and high heat exposure applications.