METAL-SAFE® Alfab Aluminised FR Thermal Lined Spats


• CHARNAUD® METAL-SAFE® Body protection.
• Shoe shaped spats with skirt and FR thermal liner, FR Velcro® side closure, with reinforced top foot area and bottom strap to secure to boot, ensuring better fit.

Colour Silver.

Size Medium or Long.

Materials Aramid carbon blend with 5-layer aluminized lamination on the one side, and a high heat blocking proprietary thermal liner.

Hazard Assessments Extreme radiant heat and heavy molten metal splash.


• Engineered textile, high seam strength, durable and flexible with no delamination.
• Can’t burn or melt.
• Reflects up to 95% of radiant heat.
• Exceptionally high abrasion resistance, remains reflective with care and cleaning.

Product Standards

• EN 531
• MIL-C-24929A.



Work wear for radiant heat protection in furnaces and high heat exposure applications.